Meet Your Piano Instructor

Hi! I'm Amy.

I love teaching adults how to play the piano. There’s no greater joy than helping you reach your ultimate goal. That might be sitting down to sight read a piece with both hands. It might be to gain the peace and relaxation of playing music in your household. Regardless, I’m interested in what works. Results matter. 

Grant Recipient

National Piano Foundation - March 2018
Music Teacher's National Association - June 2018

What I’ve discovered in seventeen years of teaching is that I don’t teach. I empower you to use what you know. That’s the secret. The difference is being a passive observer or taking an active role in your musical journey. There’s a big advantage in taking ownership of your learning. I promise to listen to you and help you reach your goals. This is where the fun begins. How far will you go? You decide.


Amy provides all of the tools necessary and fosters an environment of success and encouragement. Highly recommend.

– Melissa

Noteworthy News? We're famous!

Our Studio was Honored to be Featured in Three Southern Maryland Newspapers!

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